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Jan 24, 2019

366 Three Alternatives To School

This episode explores three alternatives to school: unschooling, road-schooling and Sudbury schools.

Show Notes:

Jun 28, 2018

I've had some interesting listener feedback from the recent episodes about questioning education. In this episode I respond to some of the points raised by listeners.

Show Notes:

339 Questioning Education

340 Review of The Case Against Education


343 Listener Feedback on Questioning Education

Jun 8, 2018

Most of what you learn in school and college is practically useless, yet education is (often) a very good investment. How can this be? This episode is a review of Bryan Caplan's book, The Case Against Education.

Show Notes:

Jun 3, 2018

This episode is the first in a series questioning key life choices around the topic of education. How valuable is education? How much education does it make a sense to get? Does education lead to greater freedom and fulfillment in life? I introduce different views on education that I will be exploring: the traditional...

Jul 11, 2012

This episode is a continuation of the discussion I had with Brett Veinotte about how entrepreneurship is not taught at school and why. It was recorded live for the  School Sucks Podcast at Porcfest. We talk about why it is that teachers are usually the last people who you would expect to learn entrepreneurship from and...